Top 10 male dog names

Now that you have welcomed that special male dog into your life, what are you going to name him? How will you find the right name for him with countless names all over name books and the internet? Of course you want to give him a special name that best describes his character and one that you like too!

If you don’t know where to start, you can take a look at his personality for a while. You will probably find something amusing about him and the right name will eventually come to mind.

Below are my top ten male dog names and I hope you will find a name that suits your new dog.

The name Max means greatness and it’s of Latin origin. Because of this great meaning, it has become a popular name. You may find that this matches your dog too.

Charlie means freedom and it is of German origin. This could describe a dog’s personality and aura.

This means friend and it is of American origin. A great all round lovely name to name your best friend.

Jack is an English name which means “God is Gracious”.

Oliver (which is my personal favourite) is an English name that also has a biblical meaning- “The olive tree” which symbolises fruitfulness and beauty. Many people shorten Oliver to Olly- which also sounds lovely.

This name is of English origin meaning “Barrel maker”- which sounds pretty cool. Cooper can be shortened to “Coop”-  which is cute.

The French and German meaning of this name is “strong and brave”. You have that cute furry friend who is brave and can pass as a bear. You may want to choose this should your dog be particularly large or imposing!

This is of Latin origin and it means leader.

This is of Italian origin and it means to rest.

This means softener of cloth and is of English origin. You could consider naming your puppy this.

Whatever name you decide, I hope you have fun choosing. Let me know if you have any other names and how you decided on it!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 male dog names

  1. Some great names there! Our male dog is named Bailey. We knew we were going to get a Beagle and so we wanted a name that started with B. It suits him perfectly, which is a good job since I yell it about 100 times a day, ha! The other option was Baxter.

  2. Aww what lovely names! I do adore Best if I had to choose out of these. My Yorkshire terrier is called Whisper!

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