Tips for potty training your dog

Every dog owner wants to train their new puppy or dog not to mess up their home. There is no specific time frame on how to potty train your dog. There are many things to be considered but the most important thing is consistency. There are many options with potty training. You can train them to relieve themselves outside or inside.

Decide your potty spot
First of all, decide where you want your dog to relieve himself. It is ideal for you to choose a comfortable spot. If your pup is still small I suggest you keep your crate indoors. You can decide to use outside.

When you wake up
Each morning start the same routine with you and your dog. We all have to make that quick visit to the toilet, and your dog does too. So when you wake up in the morning pick your dog and take him outside to relieve himself.

After breakfast
After the first visit to the potty, the next ideal time is after breakfast. Younger dogs especially pups younger than twelve weeks tend to pee more than older ones but as they grow older they will have more control of their bladder, making potty training easier.

Stick to a feeding schedule
It is ideal to feed your pup at least two meals a day. Dogs will naturally want to pee after eating making it easier for you to potty train your dog. So sticking to a particular feeding routine can help you plan how regular your dog will pee or poo.

Use a crate if you are not home
A crate is going to be of use when you aren’t home. Most dogs don’t like to sleep where they poo or pee. So you will need to get a spacious crate where he can sleep in a corner and do his business in another corner.

Practice positive reinforcement
Don’t punish your dog if he messes your home up as potty training takes time. Positive reinforcement is the key to successful potty training. Giving your dog treats, toys, verbal praise every time he poos and pees outside will teach your dog that he gets rewarded every time he does it correctly.]

Good luck! 🙂

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