How to calm a dog

Like people, dogs can experience different forms of disorders like stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. Dogs especially pups are scared of thunder, fireworks, and other loud noises. Some. can even experience fear being around people and other dogs. Fear can sometimes be triggered by scary experiences and a lack of exposure to different sounds and noises. Dog owners who notice their dog is displaying neurotic behaviours often wonder how to calm their dog. These are five simple ways of calming your dog.

Physical exercise

One of the most effective ways of calming your dog is through exercise. Exercise helps ease minds. Playing ball or taking your dog for a long walk will help as it will help distract them. Talking with them during the exercise is also beneficial.


Music has proven to be another effective way of calming a dog. As music therapy is beneficial to humans, it is the same for dogs. Music can be calming and relaxing, so when your dog is getting cranky just turn on the music and let the music fill the house. It also helps block out noises that may be causing your dog to get anxious.

Soothe your dog

There is nothing more soothing for a dog than its owners touch. Identify what is making your dog act up and give him a sweet petting session.


Massage can be used in calming an anxious dog. Use vet-approved oils and oils specially formulated for dog massage to soothe your pet. Do your research on the oils before using them and avoid applying it to places where he could lick it off.

Discourage negative behavior

Don’t just rush to pet your dog when he barks at strangers or gets too hyper, it may just encourage him to keep acting up. Instead, you may want to ignore him for a while and after he has calmed down you may want to pet him. Practice positive reinforcement. Praise your dog only when he displays position behaviour.

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