Benefits of play with your dog

Playing with your dog is great fun, but people may not realise or truly appreciate the many benefits attached to playing with their dog regularly. Adding a 30 minutes playtime with your dog to your schedule can benefit you and your dog. Here are four benefits of playing with your dog regularly.

Mental stimulation
Dog owners often focus on providing their dogs with physical exercises and forget the mental health aspect. Your dog’s mental health is important and playing with your dog with an interactive game such as fetch can help keep your dog mentally stimulated.

Good physical exercise
Playing with your dog is one of the easiest ways to keep your dog physically active. It is also to your benefit.

Help train your dog
Playing with your dog can be a form of training. From obedience training to physical training games like tug of war, fetch and flyball, there are many games you and your dog can partake in that will help with instilling discipline.

A fun way to bond
One of the greatest benefits of playing with your dog is that it strengthens the bond between you and your dog. When you engage your dog in fun games, you are not only having fun, you are reinforcing the idea that you are the producer of fun, building the bond between you too.

22 thoughts on “Benefits of play with your dog

  1. I have three Italian Spinone’s and I absolutely love playing with them. One of my dogs was a rescue – we got him aged 2 and he didn’t know how to play or socialise really, all he did was sit close to me, it’s been fabulous to see him learn from the other dogs and build his own personality.

  2. I have a Beagle who was tested on as a puppy, then ended up in Dog’s Trust twice, we got him as a 6 year old, and he doesn’t play with toys at all, but we do have lots and lots of cuddle time, so there’s still lots of bonding gone on over the years!

  3. I didn’t want a dog, i have never been a big animal person, but my husband didn’t stop asking for one so I gave in, but he is one of the best things to happen to this family, and we worry about him just as much as we do the kids!

  4. Its the best thing for my dog Whisper playing with him. Not only does it please him, but i get so much joy out of watching him have fun!

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